Adaptive Codes

Adaptive codes are those code which tell us how to process the data.

Rather than being job specific, adaptive codes are specific to the record.  For example, you can mix and match residences and business requests in the same file specifying an adaptive code of "C" and let the RealEDA process determine whether the request is a business or residence request.  There is a need to know OR determine this because the database access specs require it.  We do an excellent job in determining whether a name is business or residence by utilizing a process which, among other things, compares each name to a 5000 record database providing the most common business name indicators.  We then specify whether we should submit it as a residence or business request.

Obviously, even with this sophisticated pre-processing it would be better to specify distinctly the type of request.  Therefore, you could identify each request as "R" for residence or "B" for business and then a city search will be done for these requests without making an attempt to determine the type of request.

Some of the Adaptive Codes available at this time are:

Adaptive Code Description
R Residence - City Search
B Business - City Search
C City Search
D Address Search
T Name & address retrieval using phone number
S Statewide search
U Residence - State Search
V Business - State Search