Batch File Processing

  1. Standard or Custom Integrated Solutions

  2. Email, Web submission or FTP file transfer available.

  3. 24x7 Immediate Automated Processing

  4. Thousands processed each hour & returned to you immediately

  5. 5 Search types available

  6. Each response "confidence" scored

  7. Ability to develop your own scoring algorithm

  8. Up to 10 responses returned - only ONE request charge

  9. Never a charge for custom programming

  10. 3 levels of data quality available - all "telco" quality data

  11. Our "adaptive processing" allows us to automatically increment through different search types and "levels of data quality" based upon your custom requirements.  For example, you may want to do a more extensive search for records we identify as having "high value" to you.

  12. Mix residential and Business Lookups

  13. Mix different name formats

  14. After each job we always return a detailed Job Summary Report, a detailed query and response report and an update file formatted to your specifications.

  15. Volume pricing available