RealEDA Electronic Directory Assistance

Voice Directory Assistance


Very cost competitive.  Always less than Voice DA.

Typically 40+ cents per request or more


We provide access to the most accurate information resources available anywhere.

Never sure from where the data is originating.


Sub-second response time

Calling and speaking with a VDA operator can cost you up to a minute’s time or more.  These delays are expensive.  Now with voice recognition and response becoming even more prevalent, you can expect these delays to become even greater

Number of Responses provided

We will provide back to you up to 10 phone numbers which satisfy your request

Typically limited to two numbers provided maximum

Ease of use of the information provided

You can easily just print out the responses and work them later or cut and paste the phone number or other information into your application

Everything must be either written down or typed

Reverse Telephone & Address Search

We can provide reverse telephone & address search for the entire U.S.

Varies if available at all.

Need to know areacode beforehand

Our sophisticated processes determine the area code automatically based upon city and zip code

Varies – some require an area code to dial

Expense Control

You can request a report that lists the detail of all of the requests made by your group for a specific period.  We can provide different userids for each cost center.

Only summary information provided. No information provided specific to which name & address were requested.


Not only do we provide a USER ID and PASSWORD to access our network, we can also require the request be originating from a specific IP address to minimize fraud

Not applicable