Standard & Custom Interfaces


We will work with you to develop the formats,  interfaces and programming required to most easily integrate our services into your production environment.  Many times, we will develop completely new methods.  Sometimes, we can use interfaces, formats and programming you already have in place.  And, as always, we never charge for any custom programming we may find it necessary to perform.


In addition, we do have these previously developed "off the shelf" interfaces ready for easy integration:



Ontario Systems







Future Integration

Although we are always working toward making additional software interface relationships a reality, please keep in mind that we can usually integrate into ANY software environment;  even without a "official" interface specification.  Therefore, whether it requires mimicking a currently available interface or developing a completely new methodology, we can usually provide this service with minimal expense and aggravation on the part of the customer.


One of the great advantages that we provide is the ability to make this integration as quick, easy and painless as possible.  Even though our menu of "official" interfaces is rather limited, we are currently being used in many different collections software environments, including customers of some of the larger and most reputable firms; even though we may not yet have a "official" interface to their software suite.


Previous experience has shown that it is usually the customer who initiates a request for a specific interface with the software developer.  So, if you would like to use our service and there is no current interface available right now, please make the request directly to the software developer and also notify Gary Christopher (  Gary and his staff will work with the software developer in the design, testing and implementation of any new interface. 


Where there is an identifiable need, the software developers will usually be accommodative.  However, if an "official" interface does not seem feasible for whatever reason, we can usually develop a workaround which quite often functions as efficiently as an "official" interface would likely function.