electronic directory assistance services

access the most accurate information available anywhere

online, batch, xml or tcp transaction processing

free trial available

 each response confidence scored for accuracy

up to 10 responses for each request

we specialize in standard or custom integration solutions

never an additional charge for custom programming

each address standardized via usps delivery-point data

multiple search types available

utilize our incremental search techniques

3 levels of data quality available

mix residential and business lookups

volume pricing available

 batch file processing

24x7 fully automated immediate turnaround

ftp or email via secure file transfer

integrate our service into your nightly processing

or scrub your older files

we can usually adapt to your existing file formats

 xml or sockets-based transaction based api

seamlessly integrate our application into your applications

sub-second response

develop complex transaction decision-making

never an additional charge for custom programming

online requests via our website

individual requests

sub-second response