RealMatchTechnology provides our customers with benefits and flexibilities which we feel far surpass anything else available in the marketplace today.  We have been able to incorporate a proprietary combination of processes which ultimately result in our users being provided with absolutely the best matched hit rate at the lowest cost possible.

  1. Standardization of each request address and every address returned from our high-quality data sources thereby resulting in improved match rates.  We use the US Postal Service as our standardization source.
  2. Comparing each name and locality with our CommonNamesLocalities database, allowing us to optimize better each and every request.
  3. Comparing each name with our BusinessNamesIdentifiers allowing us to submit requests as business requests when not specifically flagged as such.
  4. Comparing each business request name with our BusinessCommonNames database allowing us to “tighten up” on the request before submission.
  5. Utilization of zip codes to identify the precise area code for each request.  This feature has become very important with the proliferation of area codes over the last few years.
  6. For each request there may be up to 10 responses received for the single request charge.
  7. We automatically apply to each request response a confidence score (0-100) using our proprietary algorithm.  This eases any decision making for both batch and online processed requests.  For example, when automatically batch processing a file of lookups you may want to update your telephone number field whenever the confidence score is 80 or above and place response information which doesn't score an 80 into a memo area on your account screen.  In addition, you also have the ability to select request response based upon whether particular input fields match the response information.  We believe we have the most flexible confidence scoring in the industry.
  8. Improvements in our production environment to allow multi-tasking when batch processing.  This provides for a dramatic increase in processing speed to its current average rate of 30,000+ requests per hour and more.