Service Description




Our RealEDA Service provides you with information from the Telephone Company databases, updated daily with any additions, deletions or changes.  Therefore, within a day or so of any changes taking place you will have access to that new information. 


Don't confuse this service with lower-quality services which use other sources such as scanned white pages, warranty information, etc. for their data sources.  With these other services new phone numbers sometimes don't appear for weeks, months or even (so we've heard) years. 


Our sophisticated processes use our familiarization with all of these facts to determine the best method of processing each and every request submitted.  We then, using the same proprietary processes we've developed over the years , enhance the value of any response information via our RealMatchTechnology and ultimately present to you the "BEST OF THE BEST" via our RealEDA online user interface and custom batch processing solutions.  In summary, we believe our methodology provides the ability for us to offer to you a service which is superior to any other similar service. 


Our RealEDA Service is available for both our ONLINE individual-query Internet access and our super-quick BATCH File Processing service.