Easy setup & processing


We can have you up an running in a matter of hours or  days. 


The easy step process to use our service is as follows:


  1. We provide you with a FREE request trial to familiarize you with the service and the results you may expect from using our service.

  2. If you decide to use the RealEDA service, we will set up your account with some minimal information using a credit card and/or credit application for very well established companies.  Credit card accounts will be pre-authorized before processing and then actually charged at the time of process completion.  Billed accounts will be assigned a credit limit.  Terms will be Net 30 for those accounts.

  3. After deciding upon a consistent record format you can submit files for processing any time of day; any day of the week.

  4. After receipt of your file via email, FTP or other means, we generate an email to you when processing begins immediately.  We can normally process approximately 15,000 requests per hour.

  5. Results of the processing will be sent back to you immediately.  Depending upon the delivery method selected, we can encrypt the data and email or FTP the file to you immediately after completion.  Or, we can file the file on our site until you're ready to retrieve it.  Results and job summary are also available for you to view over the Internet if you desire.